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10+ Top tools for FREELANCERS 2022


Freelancing is becoming popular nowadays; The reason is in its name, “Freelance.” It’s a

  • freedom to do what you want
  • release to when you want
  • freedom to where you want

It is making freelancing a more trendy occupation these days. According to Upwork’s 2022 report, about 18 million freelancers are there. And interestingly, we are not even talking about other freelancing platforms.

  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Jooble
  • Freelancer.com
  • Flexjobs
  • Guru
  • 99designs
  • And the list goes on and on. Luckily, the marketplace responds with high-powered and practical tools that make freelancers’ lives easier. It helps the newbies to learn new skills and serve the marketplace more efficiently.
  • Before diving into the pool of helping-hand tools, you can educate yourself about freelancing and how easily you can start your freelancing career.
  • Without wasting time, let’s start with our top must-have tools for Freelancers in 2022.
  • Learning Tools
  • Writing Tool
  • Design Tools
  • Stock Images

Learning Tools:

Luckily, We are in an era where everyone has access to content from experts in all fields. You only need an internet connection, your phone or laptop, and strong willpower to adorn yourself with any specific skill, and you are good to go. By the way, your friend’s laptop will also work very well.

So here are some top tools for freelancers and new start-ups in their fast learning process.


So Udemy is an online learning platform that provides you with the best and most fantastic video courses for free or at minimal prices, along with certificates that show your expertise in a relevant field. It provides a vast range of courses for anyone and at any time. You can also involve these endorsements in your Freelancing profiles and portfolios. Link:



Skillshare is another online learning platform with thousands of courses taught by experts. You can have time to learn via high-quality videos at your own pace. It offers hundreds of courses for free. However, investing in yourself is crucial for a better and improved you.

Link: Skillshare


Coursera is a global online learning platform with mostly free courses. It may consist of watching lecture videos, presentations, and readings, completing assignments and quizzes like an active academic institution, and providing certifications from top universities—great opportunities for beginners and freelancers to adorn their skill sets.

Link: Coursera

Writing Tool:

top tools for freelancers

Content writing is a skill that is getting more and more recognition, but the most challenging part of writing is the grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. Things get worse when you read something or provide your work to your employer, and errors appear.

We have fantastic writing tools that help you get confident in your work—a smiling you with unique, error-free content.


One of the best proofreading tools for job seekers, writers, and other professionals. It also helps to edit documents and detect 250 grammatical, spelling, and other errors that are sometimes ignored while typing.

Its free version provides many facilities, which are best for beginners, and the premium version offers plagiarism detection with many other features.

Link: Grammarly


One of the best powerful and easy-to-use proofreading tools for freelancers that provide over 19 different grammar checks, spelling error correction, real-time editing, etc., reports in a free version. And the upgraded versions offer more and more features.

Go check this out…

Link: Prowritingaid


Proofreading the content is essential to free it from plagiarism and illegal copy. So, the best leading and accessible tool for freelancers and new start-ups is Copyscape. It identifies the sites that have copied content without your permission and mentions those who quote your site.

Link: Copyscape

Design Tools:

top tools for freelancers

Graphic design is one of the high-paying skills in 2022. what if you are new and know little about graphic design? Then you can use these tools for quick and easy designing yet effective and impactful outcomes.


Canva is one of the best free and easy-to-use tools to help you get amazingly designed social media posts, attractive YouTube thumbnails, and short intro and outro clips. It also helps to edit simple videos with ease.

Its free version provides hundreds of free templates and many free elements. The paid version offers unlimited access to premium templates and components to use. Also, the background removal feature makes it more prominent than any other tool—best for beginners and freelancers.

Link: Canva


Pixlr is a free online photo editing browser-based tool. Its main highlighted feature is background removal. Its strong AI detects the object and helps an easy background removal best for quicker results.

You can create flyers, business cards, and photo collages with the help of pre-sized templates. It is a very beginner-friendly and must-have tool for freelancers.

Link:  Pixlr


Its highlight feature is “Cartoonizer,” which converts images into cool cartoons. “It is additionally a great tool for making handouts or flyers.” In short, it’s beginner-friendly and an excellent tool for freelancers.

Link: Befunky

Stock Images:

top tools for freelancers

You need to use images for impactful blogs or killer social media posts, but what about copyright issues? So don’t worry. Here are free-to-use illustrations providing websites. You can bookmark these sites for quick access (free advice).


In short, Unsplash is the most popular website that provides HD copyright-free pictures that can be used freely for any purpose, making it the best free source of images for freelance writers and bloggers.

Link: Unsplash


Pexels is another website that provides hundreds of accessible stock image sources for commercial websites, blogs, products, or anywhere else.

Link: Pexels


The Pixabay website provides millions of royalty-free stock images, videos, and music. For freelancers who will open any YouTube channel or want to go into the video editing field, Pixabay would be an ideal platform for free stock of images and videos. These images and videos can be posted on any social media too.

Link: Pixabay


I mentioned some top tools for freelancers that can help beginners. By using these simple tools, you can nail down 2023.

Best of luck, freelancers.

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