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Top 3 Passive Income Ideas | Earn 1 Lakh+/ Month

Top 3 Passive Income Ideas

You are receiving Steady Pay from your Daily 9 to 5 Job, and That’s Good. Be that as it may, where it counts, inside, you realize you’ve for a long time needed more. More cash. More opportunity. Greater adaptability. Thus, at long last, you conclude that now is the right time to make a move.

This article will cover the Top 3 passive income sources and ideas and How to Generate Passive Income?

What is Passive Income?

Passive income means Regular earning from a Source other than doing A lot of work with A lot of Burden.

Passive income provides Good income regularly with minimal time and effort. It can work on your accounting records and provide you with the opportunity of time. Not possessing to exchange your energy for cash can diminish pressure and tension and cause you to have reasonable expectations about your financial future.

Passive income is not…

  • A job
  • A second job
  • Non-income producing assets

3 Passive Income Ideas for Earning Regularly

If you want to earn Daily other than doing a 9 to 5 job, you can easily make more than One Lakh monthly from Passive Income. Generating Passive Income In 2022 Is not a Big Deal; Everyone can quickly generate passive income.

Check out these Top 3 passive Income Generating Ideas,

1. Create a course

One of the most popular passive income strategies is Making an Online Course in Audio and Video Form.

That is because we see gigantic deal development for course makers. Whether you choose to sell a course on your site or a stage like Udemy, you’ll find clients who need to become familiar with your insider tips and tricks.

So, Start Selling your Course From Today On any platform or website to generate passive income in 2022.

2. Run Your Blog

The most popular Passive income source is Blogging and, Blogging helped many Peoples and entrepreneurs to earn passively from Affiliate blogs, Sponsored Posts, and courses, Products.

It can take a little bit of upfront work to build a Successful blog for Regular Passive income. The best advantage of making a blog is that you can flip that one resource into a few distinct floods of pay. So if you’re searching for a simple Passive income idea, or automated revenue thought, writing for a blog may be the ideal choice for you.


3. Start Your Online Dropshipping Store

Dropshipping is one of the most profitable passive income sources to earn online regularly in the era of 2022. It’s the best passive income idea for 2022.

In dropshipping, you need to find the best trending products on Marketplace like Aliexpress and sell them online to customers around the world.

You can sell various products through Dropshipping like,

  • Fashion Products
  • Home Decor
  • Beauty
  • Clothing

You can control How much you want to charge for products in dropshipping and Make your own name business dropshipping. To start your business, you need to Sign-up today on the Shopify platform and use one of these Apps to find the best top trending products.


In this article, I cover the Top 3 Passive Income Ideas to Generate Passive income in 2022 and Earn more Than one lakhs per Month. Start your passive income business today. Read this article carefully and Choose your Niche. Earn More than One lakh is not a big deal with Good passive income ways.

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