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Pinterest Affiliate Marketing: The Complete Guide to Making Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is the Best Social Platform for Pinterest Affiliate Marketing; with Millions of Active users, Pinterest is a Great Platform for Grow Your Business.
A few years ago, Facebook and Twitter were Famous, But in 2022, Pinterest Is the King.

In this Blog, We will briefly discuss Affiliate Marketing With Pinterest.

What Is Pinterest Affiliate Marketing?

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is Like promoting other products or Services on Pinterest to Earn Commission. You develop content around an affiliate offer relevant to your Pinterest following. Then, you encourage them to make purchases using your affiliate link to generate revenue.


Affiliate links have no disadvantages over direct links, and Even You can Make a Deal With Affiliate Networks to Provide a Discount to your Pinterest Audience. We will Discuss Pinterest affiliate marketing step-by-step Guide for you.

How Does Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Work?

Similar to other affiliate marketing platforms, Pinterest affiliate marketing operates.

From networks like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, ShareASale, or businesses that offer affiliate programs, you can find quality affiliate marketing goods or services. Next, you receive your unique affiliate links for tracking clicks, click sources, commissions, and other metrics. To earn money, you build Pinterest Pins and advertise them to your audience.

The process is Very Simple, and in this way, you can Easily Use Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing. The most influential part of This Affiliate Marketing With Pinterest is making attractive pins and content to attract people.

Why Should You Try Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest?

The Main reason To try Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is Pinterest Itself. Pinterest Launched in March 2010 and was the Only Market in the History of Social Media to reach 10 Million Active Users Per Month, that’s why Pinterest is Famous and the Best for Affiliate Marketers to Engage their Audience for Making Revenue. Nowadays, The platform has more than 416 million monthly active users.

64% of Users Describe this Website as Finding New Ideas, Products, or Services they can Trust.



Pinterest affiliate marketing for beginners

There are 7 Easy Steps to do affiliate marketing with Pinterest:

  • Research profitable topics on Pinterest
  • Promote a potential affiliate marketing product
  • Assess the affiliate marketing offer
  • Properly create your Pinterest account for affiliate marketing
  • Create great Pinterest content
  • Drive traffic to your Pins
  • Analyze your results

1. Research Profitable Topics On Pinterest

The most meaningful thing you Need to Care about When Doing Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest. After Doing Proper Research and Work On Already Researching Topics on Pinterest That can Attract People, you Can Start Doing Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

2. Promote a potential affiliate marketing product

After Doing Proper Research on Categories and Products or Services to work on, you need to Find the Best Affiliate Marketing Offer. In this Poat, We will Get an Example of Amazon affiliate marketing with Pinterest.

We also published Content On How to Promote Amazon Affiliate products using Facebook.

Amazon, the largest online retailer, sells $17 million every hour on average and will earn $386.06 billion in 2020.

Not just the firm is wealthy. 45% of the site’s market share comes from affiliate marketers—one of the world’s largest affiliate networks, with over 900,000 members.

Amazon Associates lets content creators, bloggers, and marketers monetize site visitors by advertising Amazon products.

Free program registration:

If a buyer clicks on your Amazon link and buys, you’ll get a commission. Depending on the product category, a commission is 1% to 20%.

3. Assess The Affiliate Marketing Offer

Next, evaluate the product. Affiliate items vary. Some are genuine, but others are scams. You can promote any affiliate offer, but choose one that gives actual value.

The most efficient strategy is to look for user comments on the product on search engines like Google and YouTube. When all the reviews and demonstration videos agree that it’s genuine, you know you can trust it.

After Doing All these practices, You Need to Get your Affiliate link and Start Promoting Amazon Affiliate Products Using Pinterest Affiliate Marketing.

4. Properly create your Pinterest account for affiliate marketing

Setup your Pinterest account Correctly May increase the visibility of your Pins and Get More Audience or Clicks. Change account to Business account.

This feature allows your account to access all Advanced features of Pinterest Offers. 

Fill out your Pinterest profile completely, including the username, display name, and description boxes.
When analyzing the quality of your material, Pinterest uses several search engine optimization (SEO) elements, including your profile. As a result, you must use keywords in your user name and description.

Claim your website:

The Next most important Step is to claim your Site that Pinterest gives credit to your content Properly. After Claiming your site, Your Profile Name and Profile Picture Will show up Next to your Pins.

5. Create Great Pinterest Content

Every day, Pinterest receives hundreds of thousands of new Pins. Therefore, your Pins need to be more than just pretty if you want to keep up with the competition. They must also include essential keywords and adhere to some other standards.

Pinterest Community Guidelines:

Pinterest isn’t for porn. We filter or eliminate mature and explicit content like:

Sexual imagery
Graphic descriptions of sexual activity.

Hateful activities

Pinterest doesn’t allow hateful content or promoters. We prohibit or remove these content and accounts:

Slurs, caricatures, and generalisations
Support for hate groups and those spreading hatred, bigotry, and conspiracies
Condoning or trivialising violence against vulnerable or protected groups.


Pinterest isn’t for misinformation, disinformation, mal-information, or its creators. False or misleading content that may threaten Pinners’ or the public’s well-being, safety, or trust is removed or limited.

  • Unsupported health claims that jeopardize public health and safety, such as fake cures, anti-vaccination advice, or emergency disinformation
  • False or deceptive content promoting fear, hate, or prejudice about persons or protected groups
  • False or misleading content that encourages harassment or violent assault
Private information

We don’t allow sensitive content. Removing:

  • Identification documents
  • Private addresses and contacts
  • Access codes (usernames and passwords)
  • People don’t want their private photos online.
  • Finances or health

Pin Design

To design Beautiful Pin designs for Pinterest affiliate Marketing, you can Use Free Tool Canva; it offers Hundreds of Ready-Made Templates, images, or Designs for your Pins.

Keywords for Pinterest

Using the proper keywords is one of the most crucial aspects of pinning on Pinterest. It not only helps Pinterest properly rate your material, but it also increases your chances of outranking your competitors.

As previously said, selecting keywords that are not too competitive but that people also search for is essential.

6. Drive Traffic To Your Pins

After Creating Great content and Using Proper Keywords for your pins, there are two more Ways to get your Pins more exposure.

The first one is to Find and join Popular Group boards related to your Topic because these Groups already have tons of Impressions and Can help you get more followers for Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest. Pinterest’s search field allows you to locate group boards to join by entering a keyword and then changing the filter to “Boards.”

Pinterest Ads are the second strategy. They have the same look as standard Pins, but you can pay to show them in more prominent locations. The fastest approach to get your Pins in front of your ideal customers is to use ads.

  1. Analyze Your Results

Using Pinterest Analytics, You can Track your Pins and Ads Performance to get Help Optimizing your Pins according to this Properly.


You may check information like impressions and views in Pinterest analytics. Impressions on Pinterest represent the frequency with which one of your Pins appears in a feed, search results, or category results. The number of people who have seen at least one of your Pins is known as the viewers.

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing – Conclusion

Pinterest Affiliate Marketing is a good use of time and energy. It doesn’t require a rocket engineer to get it up and running; anyone can do it. You can learn a lot and make money if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to attempt new things.

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