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How to Inspect Element on Android easy method

The excellent feature Inspect an Element is accessible on all popular web browsers, including Google Chrome and Firefox. Using this functionality, we may inspect the website’s source code and locally modify it in real-time. This May Change the website code to show it whatever you desire. However, smartphone web browsers do not often support the Inspect Element feature. You won’t be able to examine a website element on your Android smartphone, even if you download and use Chrome or Firefox. Additionally, no Chrome Flags would enable these functions in Chrome. We also Wrote an Article For you on How you Can Use Microsoft Office Without a Key for 100% Free. Stay Tuned With Us For More Tips Like This.

This guide will teach you how to examine individual websites on an Android device to see the source code or modify the page for any purpose. It’s not nearly as straightforward as the read element function on the PC. Setting everything up takes a moment, and you’re ready to start.

What is Inspect Element?

If you are unaware of the fantastic Inspect Element feature on the most popular web browsers, allow me to explain it. Thousands of lines of HTML, CSS, and other scripts make up each site on the Internet. When you type a website’s URL into your web browser, the server sends these lines of code to your browser. The website is then assembled and displayed by the web browser. That is the proper method. You may use the Inspect Element option to look at the webpage’s source code after it has wholly shown on your device and modify or copy a particular portion of the website.

A regular user might not understand it. However, anyone experienced with web development will see this feature’s importance on web browsers.

Here are some uses of Inspect Element option:

1. Check the website you are visiting’s source code.
2. Modify any webpage’s look and content and see it locally.
These are a few helpful attributes of the examine element tool. 3. To entertain others by altering website content (for example, modifying a Wikipedia article).

How to Inspect Webpages on Android?

Follow the basic instructions below to analyze website components on Android and perform any actions you choose. You can adjust the website, change the text, alter screenshots, and see real-time changes.

Inspect Element on Android using Inspect and Edit HTML Live

You must need an Android app, which you can get from the Playstore, to examine items on an Android phone. 

Step 1: Get the Inspect and Edit HTML Live app from the Google Play Store, and install it. 

Step 2: After installation, run it. 

Step 3: Type the website’s URL into your browser and wait until it loads. 

Step 4: To see the website’s source code, tap the inspect element button next to the URL bar. 

Step 5: A page filled with HTML codes will be shown. Using the app’s search feature, you may locate and edit individual webpage sections. 

Step 6: After finding the appropriate adjustments, tap on the symbol to leave and see the website with all your modifications. 

Step 7: Click the same inspect element icon to restart the tool and continue making unrestricted changes.

Using this approach, we must download different software to examine and modify the webpage’s source code. However, go on to the following process in the tutorial if you merely want to view the website’s source code using the inspect element and not make any changes to it.
You may amuse your pals by capturing screenshots of a website after making the required adjustments and sharing them with others. Take a screenshot of the updated versions of well-known websites like Wikipedia, Google, and others. Please send it to them later so you may surprise them

Inspect element chrome android

For this approach, you may use any web browser on your Android smartphone. Every Android smartphone comes pre-installed with Google Chrome or another default browser software. That can be used to make this approach practical. 

Open the default web browser that came with your device in step 1. 

Step 2: Type the website’s URL into the address field and wait for it to load. 

Step 3: Press the address bar to modify the URL once the page has loaded. Just before the URLs start, add the following code. 


Step 4: Press the go button to load it. 

Step 5: The web page’s source codes will now be visible. If you’d like, you may examine and copy the source code. 

This is how we use our Android phones to examine the source code of a website. Both iOS and all other browsers are compatible with this.


There are many causes for someone may want to look into an Android component. Regardless of the reason, we have you covered. The first-mentioned program is fantastic and makes it easy to alter web pages. You may take screenshots when editing is complete and share them with everyone. Use the second method to read a webpage’s source code. No further applications need to be downloaded for that.

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