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How to get your first order as a newbie freelancer – The Quick Formula

Are you going to start your career or a side hassle as a Freelancer?

You don’t know how things will work as a freelancer for you as a newbie freelancer. How will you get your first order from any freelancing website?

The first thing is to relax and read this 7 min article that can help you understand the entire process from zero to the maximum level of orders you can get from freelancing websites you were already using with zero or minimum results.

Who is a Freelancer?

Before going further, let’s recall who a freelancer is.

How to get your first order as a newbie freelancer - The Quick Formula

A freelancer is a person who sells skills at his/her own pace. Working from home may be sitting on the couch, taking care of a pet, free of time and space—a more independent self-employed person.

Sounds interesting, but is it that simple? And how can we start freelancing as a career and win our first project as a newbie?

These questions often come to your mind whenever you surf social media. We can find the exact answers from experienced freelancing professionals who have earned millions of dollars by selling their services as freelancers.

Top-notch tips and Quick Formulas

Let’s discuss some top-notch tips and quick formulas to help you get your first order as a newbie freelancer.


  • Platform selection
  • Proper niche selection
  • Portfolio building
  • Project selection
  • comprehension of client requirements
  • Robust Analysis of Project
  • Know your worth
  • Faith in yourself
  • Stay focused, and don’t rely on one source


1. Platform selection:

The primary and essential step is selecting your skill’s most suitable freelancing platform. We have discussed some best skill-based freelancing websites in earlier blogs.

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Choosing an appropriate freelancing website is necessary as a newbie or professional freelancer; you need to know which platform has the best potential buyers for your skill. Eventually, our primary goal is to sell our skills and win more and more promising projects.


3. Proper niche selection:

After selecting the most suitable freelancing platform, you need to choose the most appropriate niche if you are a newbie freelancer and confused about which field or skill is best for you.

If you are curious about which freelancing skills are the best-selling in 2022, you can look at our blog.

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Selecting a niche for your freelancing career is the base: as we know, the base should be strong enough to hold the empire.

Some freelancing sites are congested with freelancers having a specific niche. That’s why choosing the right place and platform is crucial. Just like on Fiverr, you will see a lot of gigs(services) for Graphic designers and content writers. It means you have a lot of competition there if you are going to sell the same services, and it also means that the platform is providing a lot of related work to sellers. So it works in both ways.

Moreover, choosing a sub-niche is also helpful when you work on a platform like Fiverr. It helps you to get potential buyers when they search for the more specific sub-niche you have mentioned in your profile.


5. Portfolio building as Freelancer:

After selecting a suitable niche, you must build an excellent portfolio to attract more buyers to win more projects. However, when you have just started your career, it isn’t easy to build a strong portfolio in the beginning.

So a helpful tip is to find work in Facebook (Meta) groups.

Yes, you heard it right. Search on Meta for freelancing groups, and you will see several groups. Just join them, and you may sell your skills for minimum wage or free or build a strong portfolio.

You can even add screenshots of your happy buyers and clients in your portfolio that may also pave a path for your potential buyers; other than depending on specific freelancing websites; you can have more channels for orders.


Most importantly, setting a solid profile is essential to the freelancing career, especially for famous freelancing platform like Fiverr and Upwork, which demands the most attractive profile. And adding a good portfolio can help you a lot.

Project selection:

In this paragraph, I will discuss why proper project selection is one of the most critical steps. You cannot say “Yes” to every project you see or are offered. Be more specific when you bid on projects. Selecting those projects that best suit your skill set, budget, and time frame helps you a lot and makes your life easier, as you should not push yourself for something that cannot be done in a committed time frame.


Freelancing is about winning your client’s faith and providing the best to get returning clients. In that situation, if you don’t give your best, that client will never return to you, maybe leaving a bad review that can disperse your potential clients.

So here is the tip, you need to randomly guess the working hours you can put in that project and then bid with a little extra time than you have estimated in your mind.

This will help you if you get caught in unwanted trouble; at least you have more time to compete within the project deadline.


Comprehension of client requirements:

While submitting a proposal, your aim is to open a path of two-way communication somehow. Your submission must be eye catchy and attractive enough to grab the client’s attention. As soon as he contacts you, you achieve a milestone; the next step is to win the client’s trust.

So, for eye catchy bidding or proposal, you need to understand your client’s demands. Moreover, every project is different, so change and customize your proposal accordingly. Never use the same template for every project; it has a harmful impact, and the client may think you never read his requirements before bidding on the project. In some cases, they try to ban you for wasting their time. So try avoiding that.


Robust Analysis of Project:

Take your time to understand the project and then bid. Yes, it seems very difficult to take your time on the platforms like Fiverr, where competition is higher, and you don’t have enough time, but still having a deep understanding of the project can save both you and your client’s time. We also Write an Article about Fiverr Gig Ranking Formula to Get Higher Orders on This Platform.


The Quick Formula

You can make an attractive proposal after getting the key points from the client’s requirements only if you have read it correctly.

So here are some tips you can add to make your proposal more relatable to your client.


  • You can start with a question that can attract your buyer’s attention.
  • You can give your opinions that can help in solving clients’ problems. That can help you to leave a positive impact on the client.
  • Add a related portfolio or sample work you have already done in that field, giving you more chances of winning the job.
  • Show your sincerity and concern about the project that can positively impact the client.
  • Don’t make your proposal a long 3 or 4 pages. Make it two or three paragraphs that include your one-liner intro and field of work. Don’t forget to add how you can help your client in the best way possible.
  • Adding a time frame and budget makes things more clear.


Never stuff your proposal with useless things unrelated to the job.

Like your client wants to increase followers. He would love to hear how you will do that in less time and budget. He is not interested in how you have completed your digital marketing journey and when you started freelancing.


Know your worth as a Freelancer:

Firstly, Never compromise on the price; you should know the worth of your skill. Lowering the cost of your work too much will make the entire circuit suffer, and maintaining the market is also necessary, as freelancing is just like other businesses.

Secondly, There must be healthy competition, and maintaining self-esteem is crucial when selecting the projects.

Thirdly, As a newbie freelancer, you must keep these things in mind. They help you build “You” as a brand; your client should know who they are working with.

Stay focused and don’t rely on one source:


Even if you have the perfect portfolio, attractive profile, and fantastic skill set, you still need patience if you don’t get orders initially. Remember! It is your hard work and consistency that pays off in the end.

Stay updated with new market trends in which you are working and your skill set. Don’t rely on one source for orders. Makes full use of other social media platforms to drive leads and get potential clients.


In Conclusion, Freelancing is worth mentioning if you know the right skills to ace this digital world. Try the above simple tips and tricks that can help you win your first order, even if you are a freelancer.

Do share your thoughts on this post. If you have any other tips, you can share them with us too.

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