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How google trends can help in SEO : 7 Useful tips for ENTREPRENEURS

SEO is crucial when you give 100% to make your online presence shine, especially for entrepreneurs like drop shippers, eCommerce store owners, or even bloggers. In this blog, we will discuss some valuable tips that can help you use the most straightforward tool, like Google Trends, in the most effective way. 

I am sure most of us never know how Google trends can help us in SEO and can inspire ENTREPRENEURS. 

Although it is not an SEO tool, data still gives power. 

Sounds interesting, right?

Before going into detail, let’s have a recap of Google Trends first. 

What is Google’s trend? 

Google trend is a search feature that can help you to get data about the latest 

and most popular search terms trending on Google. As Google is the most popular search engine, with over 86% search market share. Is it huge, right?

So if we get a chance to use this massive amount of data, it can help us better analyze things. So if we go back to the topic, Google trends can enable us to view rising or declining trends with some predictions. You can view these data stats as demographic insights with related issues and queries. With all these valuable data stats, the tool itself is pretty simple. 

So Here is How anyone can use this data for SEO and fully use its features.

  1. To find suitable niches:

Google trend is a fantastic tool. If you are an entrepreneur searching for a unique niche, you can slay it. Choosing a place after proper research is crucial, and studying always demands facts and stats that can help you make decisions. 

Firstly, if you are considering choosing a niche, then it is recommended to change the range from “Past 12 months” to “2004-present.” 

This will helps to view the apparent rise or decline of that particular niche about which you are doing the keyword research. 


Here we will take an example for our entrepreneur friends who are thinking about a skyrocketing product to launch or sell in the market. Google Trends

You can see almost no search data in the initial years for “Masks” until 2020 when the world was hit by Covid-19. So as time passed, this term became less trendy and is constantly declining. 

So this product needs a little more attention and monitoring for a while.

 Let’s another more stable niche example in Google trends: Cosmetics 

Google Trends

 You can see in this graph that there are slight dips or increases, but as time passes, this keyword is getting more popular with stability in the chart. So we can say that according to Google Trends, Cosmetics is a pretty stable and growing niche.

You must be wondering what would be dips or increases. So in the graph, we can see that mainly in October to December there is a slight peak than the rest of the months that can be increased and as the year touches the months, January starts declining so that can be a dip. It doesn’t mean that starting a Cosmetic business is a bad idea it means you may get low sales at the start and high sales at the end of the year. 

This simple tip can be handy for any entrepreneur or freelancer looking for a particular product or domain. 

2. To Find Related Categories and Related Topics

After understanding your niche, the next step would be paying attention o details, related categories, say any product, and finding associated topics. This can all be done with the help of Google Trends. When we talk about SEO, having a deep knowledge of your competitors is very helpful for your growth. 

The Google trends search results can help you in this regard.

Consider you have selected a product niche, “Nail Paint.”

After scrolling down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the related topics that can help you to add more related products, like adding artificial nails to your store is also very related. 

 In addition to the product idea, some related queries can also help you better estimate data. 

You can see that people search for nail paint remover and related stuff to nail paint. 

Having these points in mind can benefit you a lot.

 3. To explore the Keyword Research:

Google Trends can help you get the background volume of any trending keyword over the past years. 

Here comes a question is it worth knowing the keyword’s trending volume?

So the answer is yes because no one wants to make efforts for the keywords which not that popular and searched by people.

Let’s take the example of popular SEO tools like Jaaxy or Soovle. You’ll notice there is only search volume available. With the help of Google Trends, you can see past performance and predict a keyword’s possible performance in the future. 

 Similarly, it can help you avoid keywords that are not worth investing your time and money. 

 You must wonder how we can analyze whether the keyword is trending or merely a fad.

All you have to do is just make a minor setting adjustment; you can move the timeframe to two or more years backwards and see a better and wide angle of a keyword search volume.

What are Seasonal or Stable Keywords?

It helps you to see whether a keyword is seasonal or a stable keyword that is a trend.

Let’s see an example of the seasonal keyword “Valentines Day” 

We can see from the graph that every February, it gets at its peak, and throughout the year, this keyword has almost no traffic. It is a seasonal keyword. So if you own a flower or gift shop, it helps you to indicate when you’ll get more sales at the beginning of February, and maybe some related gifts have fewer sales throughout the year.

What is the” Breakout “Keyword?

Google Trends sometimes replaces the percentage volume with the “Breakout” term, so what does it mean?

It means that the keyword has exceeded the 5,000%. It signals that this keyword may be an excellent chance to grab massive traffic; however, good research is significant before setting all your hopes around these Breakout keywords. Still, they can help you to get more traffic for at least a few months. 

1. For Content Freshness:

Yes, you read the heading correctly. Google trends can also help you to refresh your content. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of grabbing more traffic for online retailers. So for more customer awareness, blog content helps a lot. 

So a simple and effective way to drive more traffic is by giving your content a fresh touch. It can be achieved by removing outdated stuff, adding more details and guides, and republishing the content after simple enhancements. The content freshness is not oriented on blogs but also helpful methods in Youtube videos when they start losing viewers.

Let’s see how we can achieve that with the help of Google trends.

Consider this example of the keyword “umbrella” 

Here you can see that most peaks start in May and slowly fall to October. 

 So what can you do now?

 So if you have a store and sell umbrellas and related stuff, you can write blogs for the rain guide and refresh them before the peak. This can help you get more traffic on your site and may generate more leads and sales.

 2. To Find Current Google Trends:

Another cool feature of Google trends is current viral trends. On Google Trend’s homepage, you’ll see a section for “Trending Searches. ” They are the hottest and trending topics of the moment. Most of the searches are primarily current affairs or celebrity news. If you are a fashion industry blogger, you can relate how this feature of Google Trends is essential for you. 

You can filter the search data according to real-time trends in specific countries.

3. To Find Topics by Region

Google trends let you filter the data volumes according to a specific region. 

 Is this helpful?

Yeh, of course, it is helpful when you know about your potential audience. What’s best than this? 

So good to be true?

But yeah, google trends helps you to sort the search volumes according to specific regions. In this way, if you are selling a particular product primarily consumed in Canada, it would be preferable to target the Canadian audience other than putting your efforts in other regions where your products may have very little or almost no scope. 

As you can see, the keyword “ladies suit” has almost no searches in Pakistan. 

While if we change the region and try to see if the United States have any scope.

So here you’ll see a huge difference. 

 That’s how you can find your potential audience with the help of the simple keyword tool Google trends.

 To Find Google Trends for YouTube

So if you think Google trends can only help you improve your website’s performance and SEO, then I am happy to share with you another cool feature of Google trends. You can use this tool to improve your Youtube channel. As we all know, Google owns Youtube, but we can’t say that the popularity of movements would be the same for both platforms.  

Here you can see the exact keyword has different search volumes for both platforms. 

If we analyze the web search, we will see that the keyword” skin care tips” is slowly losing popularity over time. 

As we see here, “skin care tips” have become popular over the years. So choosing the right keyword according to the platform helps to grab more traffic.

Final words:

Google Trends was not designed with content marketers and SEOs in mind. But as you can see, following the above tips is an excellent tool for finding keywords and SEO for your website. No other tool can provide you with the most recent and freshest information on what is currently trending in search.

If you have never used Google trends, we shared and found this post interesting; share it with your entrepreneur friends. 

I’m eager to scoop up your tips and tricks.

Arham Abbas
Arham Abbashttps://technologyways.com
Muhammad Arham Abbas a Professional Freelancer Developer & Blogger With SEO Skills.


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