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Fiverr Affiliate Program: Make money from Home

Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr is one of the best freelancing marketplaces. Fiverr is a $5 marketplace; the Fiverr Affiliate Program is the best way to make money from Home.

Anyone can join this affiliate program and earn easily from Home. You can make money by referring to their products and services on Fiverr and making Amazing commissions on Fiverr.

Cookie Duration

Another good thing about the Fiverr affiliate program is cookie duration. When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, you will get a commission for one year.

You can promote your link in 160 countries.

Account opening on the Fiverr affiliate is a free start to selling services and products from an affiliate.

How to join the Fiverr affiliate program?

To join the Fiverr affiliate program, follow these simple steps below,

Step1: Go to the Fiverr affiliate sign-up page

The process for joining the Fiverr affiliate program is simple, Go to the sign-up page and fill in all required details.

Step2: Tell Fiverr a little about yourself

On this, Fiverr will ask you about two things,

  •  How will you promote Fiverr services, and
  •  Your audience interests

So, don’t forget to agree to all terms and conditions and click on Register Now.




Types of services by Fiverr

The commission you will earn depends on the services of Fiverr that your customers purchase.

Here are some details about them,

  1. Fiverr- This is the primary Fiverr marketplace; here, you can promote freelancer services like editing, video, graphic designing, content writing, etc.
  2. Fiverr Pro- This is the expert version of Fiverr; here, only exclusive and selected sellers can render their services.
  3. Learn from Fiverr- The academy where freelancers can learn any course and polish their skills.
  4. CO- Fiverr has a freelancing software called AND.CO mainly targets to offer more structure to businesses and freelancers; the help of this application can track time and manage gigs.

Types of Fiverr Affiliates Commission Plans

There are three types of commission plans by Fiverr:

  1. CPA Commission:

In this program, you will get a commission for every user who creates an account on Fiverr and buy products or services, and you will get a commission of a maximum of $150

  1. Hybrid commission:

In this hybrid commission of the Fiverr affiliate program, you will get $10 CPA plus a 10% commission revenue share for the next 1 Year for every FTB.

  1. Revenue Share Commission:

You will get a 30% commission if you promote Fiverr learn &—Co platforms for every course you sell through the Fiverr affiliate program.

How does Fiverr pay its affiliates?

Just like another affiliate program, Fiverr will pay you if you earn at least $100 through the Fiverr affiliate program.

Once you receive your amount, you can withdraw your money through different payment methods.

For example, You can withdraw your money through bank transfer, Paypal, and Fiverr Revenue cards.

How to promote Fiverr affiliate links

You can promote Fiverr affiliate links on different social media platforms,


Promote your Fiverr affiliate links on different groups and share them with those who need freelancers or want to hire them, you can share your link with them, and when someone will sign-up and hire any freelancer, you will get a commission.


 Promote your Fiverr link on quora; this is a top high-ranking website with thousands of visitors daily. You need to promote your link by submitting answers to questions.

For Example: When someone posts a question, you will submit an answer properly and add your affiliate link but never link spamming on quora because your account will ban.


You can promote your link on your blog posts by external linking and make a post about the Fiverr affiliate program and use the Fiverr affiliate link.

There is a high chance of traffic through the blog because your blog is already getting thousands of traffic, and you can earn a lot of commission.


So, you can make $1000 easily by promoting Fiverr affiliate links on different social media platforms. I cover all details about the Fiverr Affiliate Program, and create your account today; it’s too easy to sell sharing and help others who need freelancers. You will get a commission of $15, And don’t forget to read our recent article about How to get your first order, The quick formula. 

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